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Fabryka Armatur "Jafar" SA is located in the south - east Poland. The company was set up in 1953 as the Local Metallic Plant and it was gradually improved and modernized. History of the company's production is connected with cast iron production branch and nonferrous metals branch. Production takes place in two production plants located in Skolyszyn and Przysieki, which employ 290 people. In 1994 because of privatization, workforce decided to buy out shares of the company and JAFAR became Joint Stock Company. Next years brought a lot of changes mainly in production where about 70 percent of products was improved and modernized. There were also changes in the company's priorities - the main priority in JAFAR'S activity became adequately oriented quality policy. After many efforts both the Board of Directors and workforce the company got in 1999 Certificate of Approval ISO 9001.

At present Fabryka Armatur "JAFAR" is specializing in cast iron fittings for water, gas and industrial water. It produces also sanitary fittings and brass fittings. High quality of all products and constant implementation of new solutions enable the company become a leader on the domestic market as well as foreign markets. Currently Jafar exports about 50 percent of production to 30 counties all over the world. The most important markets are: Russian, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Egypt.
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Fabryka Armatur JAFAR SA
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